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2023-01-03: News Headlines

ecns.cn (2023-01-03). Long list of returnees signals new drive for growth. ecns.cn On Nov 1, the hottest-trending topic on Chinese social media came from an unlikely source.

ecns.cn (2023-01-03). New foreign minister to continue supporting growth of China-U.S. ties. ecns.cn The envoy made the comments on his Twitter account as he bade farewell to people in various sectors of the United States and embarked on his new position as China's new foreign minister.

teleSUR, odr, SH (2023-01-03). Panamá afirma tener controlada la sexta ola de la Covid-19. telesurtv.net Panamá acumula 1.023.778 contagios de la enfermedad viral desde el inicio de la pandemia, mientras que los decesos suman 8.568.

Staff (2023-01-02). Publica prestigiosa revista científica resultado de ensayo clínico de Soberana. cubadebate.cu La prestigiosa revista Lancet Regional Health Americas publicó los resultados del ensayo clínico fase 3 de Soberana 02 y su combinación heteróloga con Soberana Plus, informó a través de Facebook la Dr. Dagmar García.

rqorinoco (2023-01-02). Twitter Promoted Pentagon Propaganda to Whitewash Occupation, War Crimes in West Asia. orinocotribune.com By Fayha Shalash — Dec 27, 2022 | Raja' sat quietly in her living room, staring at her son's picture on the wall. She loved the way he smiled, and said she sees him in every corner of the house. But now, she only has painful memories, knowing his body is detained by Israeli occupation forces in an Israeli morgue. | Martyrs' families in the West Bank say Israeli policy to hold their children's bodies is a form of collective punishment. | Some of the bodies have been held since 2016. More than 118 Palestinian martyrs are still in the Israeli morgues, while 253 are buried in unknown cemeteries called 'the ceme…

Editor (2023-01-02). Western Governments Keep Assigning Themselves the Authority to Regulate Online Speech. scheerpost.com By Caitlin Johnstone / Substack Depending on what political echo chamber you've been viewing it from, the ongoing release of information about the inner workings of pre-Musk Twitter known as "the Twitter Files" might look like the bombshell news story of the century, or it might look like a complete nothingburger whose importance is being …

Here's Your Ticket (2023-01-02). Off to Space with You, Elon Musk! indybay.org Union and labor activists facetiously called for Elon Musk to leave earth for the red planet with a protest at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco on December 19th.

Staff (2023-01-02). Las grandes empresas tecnológicas del mundo han despedido 1 000 empleados en 2022. cubadebate.cu Unos 1 .000 empleados de un millar de grandes tecnológicas del mundo han sido despedidos en este 2022, que se estrenó con los mejores augurios por una pandemia en la que las contrataciones se dispararon y se zanja tras un noviembre negro, cuando se han anunciado salidas masivas en Amazon, Meta y Twitter.

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