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2023-01-01: News Headlines

Jon Queally (2023-01-01). When It Comes to Greed and Tax Dodging, Sanders Points Out "Trump is Not Alone" truthout.org Senator Bernie Sanders is not asking anyone to be shocked that Donald J. Trump was very good at not paying taxes, but he also wants people to know that the disgraced former Republican president is far from the only rich person or powerful corporation who gets away with paying little or nothing each year federal income tax. In a tweet on Friday evening, Sanders said: "When it comes to tax avoidance… |

Here's Your Ticket (2023-01-01). Off to Space with You, Elon Musk! indybay.org Union and labor activists facetiously called for Elon Musk to leave earth for the red planet with a protest at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco on December 19th.

_____ (2022-12-31). Delusions of Freedom: Social Media, Unwashed Masses "Under the Control" of so FEW! journal-neo.org Never before in history have so many begun to realise that are they under the control of so few. The very foundations of what all they grew up believing are being shaken with each new revelation of how so many aspects of their very identify have been shaken, and how social media has become the …

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