2022-05-04: News Headlines

Alan MacLeod (2022-05-04). The NATO to TikTok Pipeline: Why is TikTok Employing so Many National Security Agents? orinocotribune.com By Alan Macleod — Apr 29, 2022 | TikTok has become an enormously influential medium that reaches over one billion people worldwide. Having control over its algorithm or content moderation means the ability to set the terms of global debate and decide what people see. And what they don't. | CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA — As the bloody conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, so does the online propaganda war between Russia and the West. A prime example of this is the White House directly briefing influencers on popular social media app TikTok about the war and how to cover it. As the crisis spirals out of…

WSWS (2022-05-03). CNH Industrial workers in Wisconsin, Iowa launch first strike in 18 years. wsws.org Speaking on the mood among workers shortly before the strike was announced, a CNH worker in Iowa told the WSWS, "We knew what needed to be done. We were all just fed up. People in our Facebook group were saying we're ready to walk now, why are we still here overstocking for them?"

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