2021-04-04: Social Media Postees

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9 April, Online Event — Defending Palestine, Fighting Repression
samidoun.net | 2021-04-04
Friday, 9 April 10 am Pacific — 1 pm Eastern — 7 pm central Europe — 8 pm Palestine Online Event — register on Zoom: bit.ly/eventpalestine Facebook Event: www.facebook.com/events/888749421970140 Join Samidoun for a webinar bringing together organizers from France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Canada to discuss efforts to repress the Palestinian and Palestine solidarity movements — and the fightback against repression and for liberation! REGISTER TO JOIN: bit.ly/eventpalestine English/French translation will be provided! SPEAKERS: Charlotte Kates, international coordin…

Caracas' Cota 905: Reports of Tense Calm on Saturday
orinocotribune.com | 2021-04-04
On Saturday, April 3, a lieutenant of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) detained an adolescent allegedly committing an act of robbery in an area adjacent to Cota 905 neighborhood in Caracas. Crime reporter Román Camacho wrote this on his Twitter account where he was reporting on recent events in the region. | Subsequently, a group of GNB agents went to the National Guard Polyclinic, located in El Paraíso (near Cota 905), where earlier the lieutenant had detained the adolescent, possibly a member of a gang that operates in that sector. According to Román Camacho, the officials would be on watch around the said c…

Jorge Arreaza: Iván Duque is Not Used to Reading but to Lying
orinocotribune.com | 2021-04-04
On Saturday, April 3, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza Montserrat advised Colombian president Iván Duque to stop lying about the so-called "Cartel of the Suns" (Cartel de los Soles). He recommended that someone read to him about the rigorous investigation which has revealed that the United States and his own government supported and publicized that lie based on an unprecedented media plot. | "It is known that Iván Duque is not used to reading, but he is used to lying," Arreaza wrote on his Twitter account, @jaarreaza. "Perhaps someone can read to him this rigorous work by a Spanish researcher, wh…

Jordan: Citizens in the dark after alleged coup attempt
Mohammad Ersan | middleeasteye.net | 2021-04-04
Jordan: Citizens in the dark after alleged coup attempt | With rumours swirling on social media, many Jordanians are unsure what to make of a wave of arrests on Saturday | Mohammad Ersan | Sun, 04/04/2021 – 12: 50 | A Jordanian street vendor reads a local newspaper with the headline "Army: No-one is above the law" in the capital Amman on 4 April 2021 (AFP) | Jordanians have been left with many questions but few…

Venezuelan Minister for Defense: Colombia is Using PsyOps and Media Warfare to Undermine Venezuelan Army
orinocotribune.com | 2021-04-03
This Friday, April 2, Venezuelan Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, denounced the use of psyops and media manipulation on the part of the Colombian government to defend its economic interests, create unrest among the Venezuelan population, manipulate public opinion at the international level and thus destabilize Venezuela. | On his Twitter account @vladimirpadrino, he wrote that "this conflict, in which the Republic makes legitimate use of its weapons to expel the groups that want to use our territory for bastard purposes, is accompanied by other weapons that seek various objectives: | 1 Defend the eco…

'It's Not a Border Crisis. It's an Imperialism Crisis… a Climate Crisis… a Trade Crisis.'
Jessica Corbett | zcomm.org | 2021-04-03
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to social media Tuesday night with a detailed reminder of the root causes of Central Americans and other migrants seeking asylum at the United States' southern border…

Mediterranean Sea: Charity says 270 migrants stranded in 'critical' state
MEE, agencies | middleeasteye.net | 2021-04-03
Mediterranean Sea: Charity says 270 migrants stranded in 'critical' state | Organisation Alarm Phone says coastguard, merchant ships have refused to rescue three boats off the coast of Italy | MEE and agencies | Sat, 04/03/2021 – 14: 56 | Sea Watch Italy posted photos on 2 April 2021 of boats carrying hundreds of people attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe (Sea Watch/Twitter) | Around 270 migrants…

[Comment] ART in pregnant women living with HIV
Yvonne Gilleece, Dagny Krankowska | thelancet.com | 2021-04-03
More than half (51%) of the world's population of people living with HIV-1 are women.1 Each year, the incidence of new HIV-1 infections in women of reproductive age is high, with 5 ∑2 million women of reproductive age newly diagnosed between 2010 and 2015,2 and 1 ∑3 million pregnant women receiving HIV-1 treatment in 2018.3 Perinatal transmission of HIV-1 has fallen most substantially through increased access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in pregnancy and during breastfeeding. UNAIDS has reported that new HIV-1 infections among children have halved from 310‚Äà000 in 2010 to 150‚&…

[Health Policy] Eliminating postnatal HIV transmission in high incidence areas: need for complementary biomedical interventions
Philippe Van de Perre, Ameena Goga, Nobubelo Ngandu, Nicolas Nagot, Dhayendre Moodley, Rachel King, Jean-Pierre Molès, Beatriz Mosqueira, Witness Chirinda, Gabriella Scarlatti, Thorkild Tylleskà§r, Franàßois Dabis, Glenda Gray | thelancet.com | 2021-04-03
The rate of mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV from breastfeeding is increasing relative to other causes of MTCT. Early effective preconception and antenatal antiretroviral therapy (ART) reduces intrauterine and intrapartum MTCT, whereas maternal post-partum HIV acquisition, untreated maternal HIV, and suboptimal postnatal maternal ART adherence increase the risk of MTCT through breastfeeding. Although the absolute number of cases of MTCT acquired through breastfeeding is decreasing, the rate of decrease is less than the decrease in intrauterine and intrapartum MTCT.

Justin Trudeau accused of 'anti-Christian' bias after failing to refer to 'Easter' in holiday message
rt.com | 2021-04-03
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sparked controversy after referring to the Easter holidays as a "long weekend," with online commenters pointing out that the prime minister frequently mentions other religious events. | "It's the start of a long weekend, and I know that means you'd normally be getting together with your entire family for a few days of fun. But with the number of Covid-19 cases rising across the country, we're all going to have to do things differently again this year," Trudeau tweeted, before concluding that "next year's celebrations" would be "brighter." | It's the start of a long we…

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