2020-09-15: Social Media Postees

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Election Meddlers Find a Scapegoat
_____ | strategic-culture.org | 2020-09-15
Big Tech, government agencies, and the mainstream media all locked in on a no-name site as a hub of collusion | Peter Van BUREN | Like me, until recently you got most of your news from PeaceData.net. It was where you looked to form your opinions, including the all-important one about which way to vote. What you missed on PeaceData you caught up with via Facebook memes and Tweets from people you do not know. | Or maybe not. Maybe like nearly everyone on planet Earth you have no idea what I'm talking about and never looked at the now-defunct PeaceData site. Tha…

Kim Kardashian West freezing Instagram, Facebook use over spread of 'hate, propaganda, and misinformation'
rt.com | 2020-09-15
Celebrity Kim Kardashian West has announced she is freezing both her Facebook and Instagram accounts in support of the #StopHateforProfit campaign, which accuses the firms of allowing groups to spread misinformation and bigotry. | "I can't sit by and stay silent while these platforms continue to allow the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation — created by groups to sow division and split America apart," Kardashian announced on Tuesday. | Including an image promoting the #StopHateforProfit campaign, the reality television star encouraged others to join her in the "freezing" of their accounts.

Congressmen demand Justice Dept INVESTIGATE Netflix over Cuties 'child exploitation'
rt.com | 2020-09-15
Republican congressmen from Arizona and Colorado have demanded an investigation of "potential exploitation of children" in the now-infamous twerking-preteens film Cuties, arguing it encourages child sexual exploitation. | Reps. Andy Biggs (Arizona) and Ken Buck (Colorado) have urged the Justice Department to "open an investigation to ensure the film and its production uphold federal laws protecting children from exploitation," expressing their concerns in a letter to Attorney General William Barr. Buck shared the letter with his followers on Twitter on Tuesday. | "Cuties" creates an environment that encourages…

US-Linked PR Firm Ran Fake News Networks For Right-Wing Latin American Regimes
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2020-09-14
A major US PR firm located just a few blocks from the White House has been caught running an industrial grade propaganda operation on social media. The information warfare blitzkrieg relied on fake accounts and pages to spread disinformation on behalf of right-wing, US-backed governments in Latin America, while deploying covert propaganda to destabilize the leftist governments in Venezuela and Mexico. | The company behind the campaign, CLS Strategies, signed a contract to represent Bolivia's far-right junta and provide "strategic communications counsel" in the lead-up to that country's ostensible election.

Iran summons German ambassador over meddlesome remarks
Mehr News Agency | en.mehrnews.com | 2020-09-14
TEHRAN, Sep. 14 (MNA) — Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the German Ambassador over meddlesome tweets of the embassy.

As Right-Wingers Block Evacuation Routes, "Antifa" Lead Relief Efforts in Oregon
Staff | truthout.org | 2020-09-14
Law enforcement agencies in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States are struggling to dissuade people from buying into conspiracy theories alleging extremists are starting many of the wildfires currently ravaging the area. | A number of social media posts on Facebook and other sites allege without evidence that "antifa" is purposely starting the fires…

Facebook allows users to watch videos together online
yenisafak.com | 2020-09-14
Facebook Inc said on Monday that its users will now be able to watch videos with their friends online using the social media company's Messenger app, enabling them to see reactions in real time.The "Watch Together" feature will allow a user to add up to eight people through a video call and up to 50 people through its videoconferencing tool Messenger Rooms.The company launched the tool in July as it looks to take on Zoom Video communications inc that became a household name driven by the coronavirus-driven boom in demand for its platform.Facebook joins a crowded field of companies rushing to dominate the stay-at-…

When canceling isn't enough? #RIPJKRowling trends ahead of release of mystery novel featuring transvestite serial killer
rt.com | 2020-09-14
JK Rowling's latest book, written under pseudonym Robert Galbraith, includes a (male) serial killer who dresses as a woman to murder his (female) victims. Trans advocates, already out for Rowling's blood, 'killed' her via hashtag. | After the Telegraph described "Troubled Blood," the fifth installment in Rowling's mystery series, as "a book whose moral seems to be: never trust a man in a dress" in its Sunday review, it was perhaps inevitable that her detractors would latch onto the novel's plot as "proof" of her alleged transphobia – despite not having read it. | The book, set for release on Tuesday, centers o…

Videos of Biden touching young girls flagged as 'child sexual exploitation' by Twitter despite being official public footage
rt.com | 2020-09-14
C-Span footage of Joe Biden interacting with girls is being flagged by Twitter for violating their Child Sexual Exploitation Policy after popping up online during an argument about the politician's character. | The dispute on social media saw Texan progressive activist Johnny Graz seeking to make a case that the Democratic presidential nominee should be investigated for sexual assault. | Another commenter, who goes by the name 'Jake Koenig,' sought to support Graz's argument by posting a video compilation of Biden tou…

2020 not giving up on its destructive pattern: SWARMS of winged insects INVADE Siberian city, leaving Russians stunned (VIDEOS)
rt.com | 2020-09-14
A truly apocalyptic vista has emerged from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, after a massive horde of winged insects invaded its streets, forming gargantuan clouds in the air and swarming on the pavements. | Multiple videos of the insect invasion started making the rounds online on Monday, promptly becoming a viral topic in Russia. The bug buildup began in the city over the weekend, becoming particularly intense on Monday morning. | –í –ö–Ä–∞–Å–Ω–æ–è–Ä–Å–∫–µ –&Omega…

Can You Name One Company that Has Moved to the UK Because of Brexit?
Jack Peat | globalresearch.ca | 2020-09-14
A Brexit quandary has been making the rounds on social media as the Britain's exit from the union looms. | With just months to go until the end of the transition period and just weeks until the two sides must arrive …

Election Season is Here. Are You Ready to Vote?
Molly McGrath | commondreams.org | 2020-09-14
"During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that we not only protect our health but also our civil liberties—including our fundamental right to vote," writes McGrath. (Photo: Pinterest) | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/vote_1_0_0.jpeg

Sep. session of IAEA board of directors to kick off on Mon
Mehr News Agency | en.mehrnews.com | 2020-09-13
TEHRAN, Sep. 14 (MNA) — Russia's Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov in a tweet announced that the September session of the IAEA board of directors is to start on Monday.

Wholesome Answers as Chris Evans' Brother Asks What He Missed on Social Media Amid Bro's Nude Leak
sputniknews.com | 2020-09-13
Earlier on Saturday, Twitter trends were blown off the boards by what is believed to be pictures of Chris Evans in the nude the actor appeared to have leaked himself after recklessly posting a story that revealed his camera roll.

'Highly Honored Bay of Pigs Award': Trump Brags About Receiving Non-Existent Prize
sputniknews.com | 2020-09-13
The Bay of Pigs was the location of a failed invasion by Cuban exiles supported by the US who were opposed to Fidel Castro's revolution. While there is no award named after this 1961 event, Trump nonetheless received an endorsement from the Bay of Pigs Veterans association.

Trump Signs New Order to Slash Drug Prices to 'Same Low Price Big Pharma Gives Other Countries'
sputniknews.com | 2020-09-13
US President Donald Trump's Sunday tweet was short on details of his latest order targeting the pharmaceutical business, but the text posted on the White House website clarified that the Medicare system for over-65s would pay no more for drugs than in any other developed nation.

Oman welcomes Bahrain's initiative to normalise ties with Israel
yenisafak.com | 2020-09-13
Oman welcomes Bahrain's decision to normalise relations with Israel, Oman state TV reported on Sunday."The Sultanate welcomes the initiative taken by the sisterly kingdom of Bahrain," the channel said on its Twitter account.Oman hopes "this new strategic path taken by some Arab countries will contribute to bringing about a peace based on an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and on establishing an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital," it added….

Facebook says it'll REMOVE all posts alleging Oregon fires 'were started by certain groups'
rt.com | 2020-09-13
Facebook has announced that it will be wiping messages alleging that wildfires, which have been sweeping through Oregon, might be the work of certain groups after the FBI brushed off reports of arson as "conspiracy theories." | "We are removing false claims that the wildfires in Oregon were started by certain groups," Andy Stone, policy communications manager at Facebook, tweeted late on Saturday. | Defending what is effectively an act of censorship by the social media giant, Stone noted that speculation suggesting the blazes have been ignited by extremists are forcing law enforcement to "divert resources from…

Remembering David Graeber
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2020-09-13
David Graeber, who died tragically last week at the age of 59, was, as everyone knows, an anarchist. He didn't like to wear it as an identity, as should be very obvious from his Twitter bio ('I see anarchism as something you do not an identity so don't call me the anarchist anthropologist'), but anarchism was the foundation of his politics. | He was also a friend of mine. When I was first introduced to him, I probably reacted like I was meeting Beyonce. I was a huge fan of his work — when I was doing my masters in African Studies I picked up a copy of Debt, and I credit reading it with renewing my interest…

Colombia: Indigenous Leader and His Daughter Killed in Cauca
telesurenglish.net | 2020-09-12
Colombia's National Indigenous Organization (ONIC) Friday denounced the murder of indigenous leader Oliverio Conejo and his daughter Emy Yaqueline in the Totoro municipality, Cauca department. | RELATED: | Colombia: Ex-FARC Combatant Assassinated in Antioquia | "We denounce the assassination of the Health Service Provider Institution (IPS) coordinator Oliverio Conejo and his daughter. He was the leader of the Totoroes indigenous reservation in Cauca," ONIC tweeted. | The activist and his…

Sept. 26: No New Cold War International Forum
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2020-09-12
For our second international webinar, we're bringing together peace activists from China, the US, Britain, South Africa, India, Morocco, Bolivia and Belgium to discuss how to oppose the US-led New Cold War. | The event will take place on Zoom, on Saturday 26 September, 2pm UK / 9pm China / 9am US Eastern / 6am US Pacific. To get a ticket to the Zoom event, register on Eventbrite. Registered users will receive a link within 24 hours of the event starting. The event will also be streamed to Youtube and Facebook.

[Comment] Secondary prevention of congenital cytomegalovirus infection
Marianne Leruez-Ville, Yves Ville | thelancet.com | 2020-09-12
The burden of congenital cytomegalovirus infection is an unmet public health issue. Congenital cytomegalovirus affects 0 ∑7% of all neonates worldwide, and 15–20% of these have long-term sequelae.1 In high-income countries, around half of infected neonates are infected after maternal primary infection, and the other half after maternal non-primary infection (reactivation or reinfection).2 Since the late 1990s, the development of IgG avidity and PCR to quantify viral DNA load have improved diagnosis of maternal primary infection and of fetal infection with positive PCR in amniotic fluid retrieved by amni…

As People Mourn 9/11 Victims, #AllBuildingsMatter Trend Divides Twitter
sputniknews.com | 2020-09-12
This year's commemoration of the tragic events of 2001 in the US overlapped with ongoing anti-racism and anti-police-brutality protests, which have at times resulted in casualties and destruction of buildings and other property.

Egypt's al-Sisi hails Bahrain, Israel normalization
yenisafak.com | 2020-09-12
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi on Friday said he considered the normalization agreement between Israel and Bahrain a step toward peace in the region."I value this important step towards establishing stability and peace in the Middle East, and in a way that achieves a just and permanent settlement for the Palestinian cause," al-Sisi tweeted thanking the parties involved in implementing this "historic step".Israel and Bahrain agreed to establish full diplomatic relations on Friday in a second breakthrough between Israel and its Arab neighbors after it normalized ties with the United Arab Emirates last mont…

Head of Muslim scholars union slams Bahrain-Israel pact
yenisafak.com | 2020-09-12
The Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS), Ali al-Qaradaghi, on Saturday decried the normalization of relations with Israel as a "treason".On Friday, Bahrain and Israel announced a US-brokered agreement to normalize their relations."How can a person concede his right and the right of the Palestinian people and all Muslims in this blessed land, in our Al-Aqsa Mosque…," al-Qaradaghi said in a video released on his Twitter account.He said the recent developments "require us to stand with the Palestinian cause by all our capabilities".In another tweet, al-Qaradaghi said that the re…

Former Al Jazeera head asks Twitter to help compile list of Arab journalists supportive of mending ties with Israel
rt.com | 2020-09-12
The former head of Qatar's Al Jazeera news network wants a list of Arab journalists who backed the decision by the UAE and Bahrain to mend ties with Israel. He said it was for documentation purposes, not to shame them. | "For the purpose of documentation: who are the journalists, writers and politicians who supported UAE and Bahrain's agreement to normalize relations with Israel?" Yasser Abu Hilala, who was in charge of Qatar's state broadcaster Al Jazeera Arabic from 2014 to 2018, asked his Twitter followers. | Abu Hilala wanted people to send him names of those journalists and their publications so that he c…

Israel, Bahrain fully normalize diplomatic relations
yenisafak.com | 2020-09-11
The latest agreement was finalized during a telephone call between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahrain King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, according to a joint US-Bahrain-Israel statement published on Twitter by US President Donald Trump.The statement hailed the agreement as a "historic breakthrough" that it said would further peace in the region."Opening direct dialogue and ties between these two dynamic societies and advanced economies will continue the positive transformation of the Middle East and increase stability, security and prosperity in the region," it said.Addressing reporters in the Oval…

Trump says there will be no extension of TikTok deadline
yenisafak.com | 2020-09-11
President Donald Trump said on Thursday the deadline set for Chinese company ByteDance to sell its popular short-video app TikTok's U.S. assets would not be extended."It'll either be closed up or they'll sell it," Trump told reporters before leaving for Michigan. "There will be no extension of the TikTok deadline."TikTok did not immediately respond to a request for comment.ByteDance has been looking to pick a buyer so it can finalize a deal by mid-September and comply with Trump's order to divest TikTok's assets.TikTok is best known for videos of people dancing, which go viral among teenagers. But U.S. officials…

Trump applauds major bank for resuming work from office
yenisafak.com | 2020-09-11
US President Donald Trump applauded Friday the decision of banking giant JPMorgan Chase to resume work from office for some senior employees."Congratulations to JPMorgan Chase for ordering everyone BACK TO OFFICE on September 21st. Will always be better than working from home!" he tweeted.The US bank ordered earlier in the day senior sales and trading personnel to return to offices after months of working from home due to the novel coronavirus.Senior managers in sales and trading departments of the company, who are viewed as critical for training new employees, will be returning to work in the New York and London…