2020-04-30: Social Media Postees

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Demanding Women: Quarintine Conversations About Gun Violence w/ Sen. Elizabeth Warren
MDAEFG | indybay.org | 2020-04-30
Facebook livestream…

WATCH: Stunning forked lightning envelops entire Oklahoma sky as US states battered by bizarre weather
rt.com | 2020-04-30
A severe thunderstorm has served up an extraordinary sight in the skies above Oklahoma, with exceptional eyewitness footage showing lightning enveloping the entire countryside. | A barrage of thunderstorms blasted through Oklahoma bringing heavy hail, the threat of tornadoes and flooding, and even left extraordinary orange clouds in its wake. | The highlight of the wild weather was caught on camera by storm chaser Jake Heitman, who shared the amazing natural light show on Twitter. | The sky has a striking orange hue as the lightning rips through the atmosphere and unleashes ferocious peals of thunder. | #Oklah…

Germany bans Hezbollah, conducts multiple anti-terrorist raids
rt.com | 2020-04-30
Berlin has banned the Lebanese militant organization and political party, Hezbollah, labeling the group a terrorist outfit as German police carry out raids on those suspected of being members. | "[Interior Minister Horst Seehofer] today banned the operation of the Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah (Party of God) in Germany," an Interior Ministry spokesperson tweeted on Thursday morning. | Police measures have been taking place in several federal states at the sam…

Kelli Ward's Call for "Reopen" Protesters to Dress as Nurses Reveals GOP Cruelty
Staff | truthout.org | 2020-04-29
Kelli Ward, former state senator and chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, is messing with medical professionals in the middle of a global pandemic to get some ink for herself and maybe a fawning tweet from the president. I have personal reasons to have a serious problem with that. | Three years ago nearly to the day, I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the local hospital here with pneumonia in both lungs and a larger infection running like wildfire through my body. I sto…

Hating Arabs as a Common Ground: Why Israel's Coalition Government is Likely to Survive
Ramzy Baroud | dissidentvoice.org | 2020-04-29
Shortly after an agreement to form a "national emergency government" in Israel, leader of the Blue and White (Kahol Lavan) party, Benny Gantz, tweeted triumphantly that 'democracy' in Israel has been 'safeguarded'. But how is a deal that would grant Israel's right-wing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, a veto power over the very judicial system which …

Pence's Barefaced Mayo Clinic Tour Proves He Still Does Not Take COVID Seriously
Staff | truthout.org | 2020-04-29
Vice President Mike Pence's visit to the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday upset a lot of people after images released from the event demonstrated he did not wear a mask while touring the facility. | Pictures quickly circulated on social media showing how Pence toured the clinic, being one of the only individuals during the ordeal to not be wearing a mask (medical or fabric) to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus while he was there. After it became clear that the imagery was receiving a lot of…

Finding Humor When 'Shit Is So Terrible': A Conversation With Samantha Irby
Rima Parikh | thenation.com | 2020-04-29
| We talked to the writer and comedian about privacy, blogging, chronic illness, and how to actually enjoy social media.

'Coronavirus Capitalism' Is Coming for Public Schools
Dora Taylor | commondreams.org | 2020-04-29
Naomi Klein refers to this as "disaster capitalism," and it can happen far more easily now in Seattle and in other parts of the country, when schools are closed and no one is watching. (Photo: United Federation of Teachers/ Facebook) | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/hisd-ravitch_0.jpg

#Resistance & MAGA crew both lose it over independent US congressman's third-party presidential bid
rt.com | 2020-04-29
Liberals and conservatives have finally agreed on something about the 2020 US presidential election

'FREE AMERICA': Elon Musk divides opinions after calling for lockdown to be lifted and tweeting 'give people their freedom back!'
rt.com | 2020-04-29
Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has come out in favor of reducing restrictions on freedoms and businesses, sparking a fierce debate on Twitter. Some lauded him and others chastised him for putting profits ahead of people's safety. | The Tesla and SpaceX founder called on Wednesday for the US to lift the lockdown, tweeting "FREE AMERICA NOW" and "Give people their freedom back!" | FREE AMERICA NOW– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 29, 2020 | He also attached links to a Wall Street Journal article suggesting lockdowns were ine…

NYC mayor blasted for 'anti-Semitism' after threatening to arrest Jews for flouting Covid-19 distancing rules at rabbi's funeral
rt.com | 2020-04-29
A tightly-packed funeral procession of Orthodox Jews attracted the ire of Bill de Blasio, but netizens had something to say about the mayor's own distancing policy and said his outburst had "invited anti-Semitism." | The New York City mayor tweeted his anger at members of Brooklyn's Jewish community who gathered on Tuesday night for the funeral of Rabbi Chaim Mertz. "My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed," he wrote. | Photos of the procession were circulated in the media, with many of the participants visibly defying social distancing rules, w…

Threatening Retaliation for Protected Activity Is No Joke
Matt Bruenig | peoplespolicyproject.org | 2020-04-29
Last week, an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) concluded that the Federalist's top manager, Ben Domenech, violated the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) when, on the same day as a 2019 Vox Media union walkout, Domenech tweeted "FYI @fdrlst first one of you tries to unionize I swear I'll send you back to the salt mine." | This is an obviously correct decision that is consistent with both the statute and the NRLB case law. Section 8(a)(1) of the NLRA declares that it is an unfair labor practice to "i…

'You misspelled censorship!' YouTube expands 'fact checks' to protect Americans from coronavirus 'misinformation'
rt.com | 2020-04-29
YouTube will now "fact check" US search queries, expanding a feature tried in other countries last year in an effort to eradicate "misinformation" about Covid-19

Minnesotans protest Trump's threats on Iran
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2020-04-28
St. Paul, MN – Over 30 cars occupied the parking lot of Minnesota Senator Tina Smith, April 26, to call on her to denounce President Trump's attacks and sanctions on Iran. Trump has escalated the threats against Iran by announcing on Twitter, April 22, that he told the Navy "to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea." Unlike Minnesota's Representative Ilhan Omar, Senator Smith has remained silent while Trump again threatened Iran with further acts of war. | The safe-distance car protest was the first Twin Cities anti-war action during the coronavirus pandemic. It was o…

'Did Biden's lawyer write this?' WaPo receives 'Noble' for 'embarrassing' attempt to obfuscate sexual assault claim in headline
rt.com | 2020-04-28
The Washington Post was lambasted on social media after running a bizarrely tortured headline that took great pains to avoid direct mention of sexual assault allegations dogging Joe Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee. | "Developments in allegations against Biden amplify efforts to question his behavior," read…

Long-Acting Injectable HIV Therapy Noninferior to Daily Pills
Slomski A. | jamanetwork.com | 2020-04-28
A pair of trials in the New England Journal of Medicine found that long-acting monthly injectable therapy for HIV-1 infection was noninferior to standard daily oral regimens for maintaining viral suppression.

Rules for you, but not for us: DeBlasio appoints wife 'equity' czar & strolls in park while New York City remains on lockdown
rt.com | 2020-04-27
Ethics or strict lockdown rules did not prevent New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio from traveling from Manhattan to Brooklyn to soak up some sunshine with his wife, or from appointing her 'equity and racial inclusion' overseer. | "New Yorkers are doing a great job with social distancing but we know warmer weather will bring real challenges," the tone-deaf De Blasio tweeted on Monday, announcing that the city council is working "to create more open streets for New Yorkers to enjoy safely." | Even as Hizzoner was twee…

'Does sarcasm ever work?' Trump brushes off 'Noble Prize' blunder, says it was a dig at media's lack of morals
rt.com | 2020-04-27
US President Donald Trump fired back at detractors on Sunday, saying that mixing up the Nobel Prize and the Pulitzer Prize, and making a spelling mistake in a tweet attacking the media, was a deliberate play on words. | "Does anybody get the meaning of what a so-called Noble (not Nobel) Prize is, especially as it pertains to Reporters and Journalists? Noble is defined as, 'having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals,'" Trump tweeted shortly after taking a swipe at the "fake news" media in a series of tweets that threw the platform into full-blown meltdown. | "Does sarcasm ever…

Oath Keepers Chaplain Quits Over Leader's COVID Response
Hatewatch Staff | splcenter.org | 2020-04-23
Chuck Baldwin, who has served as the national chaplain of the antigovernment Oath Keepers since 2013, announced his resignation early Tuesday morning on Facebook.

Is Trump's "Shoot Down And Destroy" Tweet About Boosting Oil Prices Or A Harbinger Of War With Iran?
Whitney Webb | thelastamericanvagabond.com | 2020-04-22
Trump's recent tweet to "shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships" has sparked concern over a new war in the Middle East. However, the more immediate effect of Trump's tweet has been a big boost in oil prices and a rise in the stock market. Was that Trump's …

Hate Groups and Racist Pundits Spew COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media Despite Companies' Pledges to Combat It
Hannah Gais | splcenter.org | 2020-04-16
Hate groups and racist pundits have pushed misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic on mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube throughout the crisis, despite companies pledging to fight fake news about the virus.

[Correspondence] SARS-CoV-2 shedding and infectivity
Barry Atkinson, Eskild Petersen | thelancet.com | 2020-04-15
Fei Zhou and colleagues1 estimated mean duration of viral shedding by assessing the presence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) viral RNA in patient samples. Assessing potential infectivity is a labour-intensive process, but the presence of nucleic acid alone cannot be used to define viral shedding or infection potential, as the authors state is possible within their methods.

Taliban set free 40 captives amid escalating violence
yenisafak.com | 2020-04-30
The Taliban in Afghanistan set free at least 40 captive security forces personnel amid escalating violence in the war-ravaged country, the group said on Thursday.Suhail Shaheen, the Taliban's Qatar office spokesman, announced on Twitter the captives were released in the afternoon in northern Kunduz province bordering Tajikistan."The Islamic Emirate [Taliban] is trying to speed up prisoners' release process in order to save lives of the prisoners from the risk of the coronavirus desease," Shaheen tweeted.This comes as the Afghan government and the Taliban exchange allegations over the surge in violence.Javed Faisa…

New COVID-19 Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Offers 'No Significant' Benefit, More Research Needed-Study
sputniknews.com | 2020-04-30
The first randomised trial for a promising new antiviral drug, lauded by many as a positive treatment for SARS-CoV-2 patients, suggested that there were no significant clinical benefits, with researchers urging further trials, a study released on late Wednesday revealed.

Gettin' Piggy With It: Little Porker is 'Twerking'
sputniknews.com | 2020-04-30
As nations went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people have started posting funny and adorable videos of their pets on social media platforms.

'Such a Natural Beauty, Regardless': Makeup-Free Bella Thorne Awes Fans as She 'Rocks a Stye'
sputniknews.com | 2020-04-30
Miss Thorne's corona-induced self-isolation has apparently resulted in strings of new pictures – most of them spontaneous but undoubtedly steamy – posted to her social media accounts, and a myriad of positive reactions are expectedly there.

Watch as Leopard Rescued in Kashmir After Attacking 8 People
sputniknews.com | 2020-04-30
New Delhi (Sputnik): Wild animals are wreaking havoc in Jammu and Kashmir's Kupwara district where animals like bears, lions, and leopards enter villages in search of food and attack people, said an official from the wildlife department.

Watch Terrifying Fireball Erupt in Auckland, Destroying 12 Cars
sputniknews.com | 2020-04-30
A giant blaze, sparking like a ball of fire, woke up dozens of people in the Auckland suburb of New Lynn, forcing people to call rescue services while a giant pillar of smoke rose above the rooftops.